Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California
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Like North Coast Church, Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California (south Orange County near the intersection of El Toro Road and I-5) uses video venues.  Saddleback offers a choice of four worship styles.

Saddleback Chruch Video Venue Sign
Video venue signs (similar to signs found outside movie theaters) can be found around the Saddleback campus.

Saddle Back Church - OverDrive Video Venue
Three of Saddleback's venues are located in permanent tents.  The tents feature solid doors and a concrete floor.  The tents are weatherproof and climate controlled.

The tent pictured above houses Overdrive.  Saddleback describes Overdrive this way: "Rockers, this is your venue.  Can you say 'Loud & Lights?'  Worship in a Rock & Roll concert-like setting."

Saddleback Church - Video Venue Tent
Inside Tent 2.  Note "OverDrive" projected on the tent, just above the stage.  A fog machine along with concert lights and sound deliver on Saddleback's "concert-like" promise.

Saddleback Church - Sound Board
The media booth for Overdrive.

Saddleback Church - Praise Tent Video Venue
Another of the large tent venues is Praise.

Saddleback describes Praise as: "Gospel music that moves the heart and often the feet!  For a big choir worship experience, this is it!"

Saddleback Church - Church Tent Interior
Inside Praise.  Note the bright LED "Jumbotron" style monitor above the stage.

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