North Coast Church in Vista, California
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North Coast Church is located in an industrial park about an hour north of San Diego.  It's affiliated with The Evangelical Free Churches of America.  North Coast's senior pastor is Dr. Larry Osborne.

North Coast Church Industrial Park Loacation
This is the first church building you see from the street.  It houses the main sanctuary (the "North Coast Live" video venue from which the live sermon originates.)  The church sign is seen in blue, just above the shuttle bus.  Shuttles transport visitors from off site parking lots.  Commercial businesses, such as Creative Printing, share the buildings along with the church.

North Coast Church Industrial Park
Behind the main building there is a pedestrian plaza of sorts.  The various video venue locations line the industrial park alleyway.  Information tents and coffee carts are found along the walkway.  They lend warmth to the setting.  Music can be heard coming from each venue as you walk by.  The effect is somewhat suggestive of City Walk at Universal Studios Orlando.

Northcoast Church Video Cafe - Video Venue
Video venue locations are simply storefronts within the industrial park buildings.  Our guide explained that the venues came about when the church outgrew its sanctuary.  North Coast didn't want to simply have an overflow room with a large TV screen.  In an effort to be different, it first added the "Video Cafe".  I guess necessity really is the mother of invention.

North Coast describes the Video Cafe this way: "A casual coffeehouse atmosphere.  Starbucks coffee, pastries and a more acoustic style of worship with today's teaching via big-screen video."

Northcoast Church - Fok Worship Venue
Each video venue has distinct decor, seating and live music.  Note the plastic patio chairs, bongos and acoustic guitars in the picture above.  If you look closely in the lower right corner you will see a short coffee table covered in a maroon tablecloth.  Coffee and pastries can be consumed during the service.

Once the musicians finish worship, the sermon is seen on the video large screen.  The pastor is located a couple of hundred feet away in the "North Coast Live" venue, which is the church's main sanctuary

Church Coffee - Coffeehouse Venue
The refreshment table inside the Video Cafe.

Our guide reported that the church was suprised when it opened its first "themed overflow room."  More people were interested in attending the video venue than regular worship in the sanctuary!

North Coast Church - The Edge Venue
A separate industrial park building houses The Edge video venue.  Note The Edge's steel entranceway sign (seen above between the two palm trees.)

Northcoast Church - Rock Worship
I apologize for the poor quality of this picture.  The low light levels inside The Edge made it tough for my camera to work properly.  You can make out The Edge's folding steel chairs, black walls, exposed black ceiling, concrete floor and large video projection screen.  A rock band and colorful lights are found at the front.  It would be easy to mistake this space for a nightclub.

North Coast describes The Edge this way: "A slightly more cutting edge atmosphere with full band worship.  Starbucks coffee, Mountain Dew, big subwoofers and today's teaching via big-screen video."

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